Hell – Janathon Day 8

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Have you ever gone into a gym class and within five minutes thought: “Shit this is so not what I expected?”

Clare, Louise and I went to Boxing Circuit tonight.

Burpees, bear crawls, press-ups – and that was just the warm up. A cruel way to learn the term WOD (Workout of the Day).

Getting the pads on was definitely an improvement – but I had no idea what I was doing. I had to do the exercise in reverse while Louise punched me. She was pretty good but I was a rubbish partner, I couldn’t give her the feedback. We did the five exercises before swapping and it was definitely more fun doing the punching – but again, we were a bit lost.

When he finally called time, we laughed in relief. But we had ten minutes left – so we did resisted sprints. Yep, I had to grab poor Louise by the hips and squat scuttle behind her while she ran to the other side of the room. We did a pretty crap job of that too cos I nearly pulled her trousers down and we were laughing too much.

“So, would you do that class again?” I asked the girls in the hot tub afterwards.

“Hmm yeah, I would,” they both agreed.

Louise liked the challenge – she wanted to improve her boxing skills. Clare had enjoyed it and seemed to have a natural flair for boxing.

I hated it.

It’s everything I dislike about going to the gym – being pushed too far, being shouted at, feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing and no bloody music!

I go to the gym to zone out – to push myself against my own limits and to have fun.

I didn’t find that class fun, at all.

However, I’m glad I tried it. I had a good workout, I’ll be sore tomorrow – but I can cross Boxing Circuits off the list.


No idea because my bloody watch ran out of battery right before the class. Probably 400 calories. I earned every one.

Alcohol units 0



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