Hawaii Hands – Janathon Day 9

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Dance class is back!

Hawaii Hands

Yep – this is how I look when I dance (on Halloween)

My Wednesday night dance class is my FAVOURITE workout. It’s hilarious, high tempo and happy – I always leave buzzing. Tonight the track was “Sweet but psycho” by Ava Max . There was a good crowd and Simon was on top form.

Who’s Simon?

I met Simon a year and a half ago when I signed up my youngest for his commercial dance classes. I got jealous so started going to the adult class – when he opened his own studio I had to interview him!

This video exploded on social media – I think we’re nearly at 10,000 views now combined across the channels. The shares and comments were crazy. His is a brilliant story and I loved being the one to tell it (he doesn’t really do PR – most of his classes are full with massive waiting lists!)

Dancing feet

I’m getting the hang of the Bart Simpsons and the pas de bourrée but the three way step trips me every time. It will randomly work out if I don’t over-think it – but it’s like a hop-flip-kick kind of thing and I never seem to lean the right way. Simon – you need to add tutorials to that YouTube channel.

Hawaii Hands

It’s billed as a ‘Dance fitness class’ and Simon is very patient with a group of women who’ve got more enthusiasm than skill (with some notable exceptions) but even he couldn’t keep a straight face when the cool hip hop slide turned into a Hawaiian hula.

“No! It’s in the wrists – THE WRISTS!” he cried, trying to teach us as we all fell about laughing. He’s attempted to get us to do The Wave before… but popping and locking is way above our pay grade mate.

Dance joy

In the end I reckon we all looked pretty good as we pulled together all the moves into a pretty passable dance routine.

Who even cares?

We all had massive smiles on our faces.

Workout duration: 45 minutes

Calories burned: 300

Satisfaction level: Happy as a clam



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