Happy Dance: Janathon Day 16

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Me today doing my happy dance:

I was definitely in the mood for dancing tonight – today I won two new clients!

I can’t say too much yet – but one is an experience and one is a range of products.

Both are amazing.

I can say that with authority having been a customer of both. Happy New Year Impact Online!

So after scraping into nursery at 5.59pm and doing dinner and tidy up, off I skipped to Simon Says Dance HQ.

Happy Dance Time

In the studio I introduced my friend Jen to my friend Maire with the same sentence: “This is my friend from school”

Then I felt super-old as I clarified: “Maire is a fellow school mum – Jen and I actually went to school together.”

Tonight we were dancing to U Sure Do by Jolyon Petch – which will probably mean nothing to you unless you listen to the track – so here it is:

The class had twice as many people in it as last week. The word is spreading! My Clubbercise teacher was there too – I didn’t get a chance to say hi unfortunately.

When Simon turned off the house lights and the coloured ones took over there was an audible “oooh!” and I reckon he spent just a little bit more time explaining technique tonight.

Stretching the truth

It was a bouncy one – no random plank/burpee/mountain climbers sequence as he sometimes likes to chuck in. If this was a ploy to lull the newbies into a sense of security – it probably worked and they’ll be just as dismayed as we are next time he sneaks them in.

I do get quite jealous of the bendy people when we’re stretching at the end.

All my life I’ve wished I could do the splits. Half my seven year old’s pals like to drop to the floor during playdates to show off their flexy little legs.

My friend Steph in Hong Kong makes a living out of her acrobatics (@steph2085 on Instagram if you want to feel inspired/stiff as the tin man) and I really push myself each time to go that wee bit farther.

Does anyone know if you can teach an old dog new tricks like that? Or do I need to book into an Ashram for a month?

Anyway, I digress.

Dance class was brilliant and Jen was delighted to be back in the game after a few sedentary months post surgery.

She even said she’d come to Clubbercise on Monday.

Now that will be a fun blog post…

Exercise duration: 45 mins

Calories burned: 300 ish

Satisfaction level: Loved the dancing, jealous of the gymnastics


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