Happy 5th Birthday Impact Online

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Five years ago today I set up Impact Online.

It had always been my ambition to have my own business and it’s one of my proudest achievements.

I’ve got clients on the front covers of magazines, I’ve coordinated launches, I’ve placed double page centre spreads and I’ve introduced many skeptics to the joys of social media campaigns. One memorable meeting began with the client hoping for a mention in an in-flight magazine and ended with great excitement over their new blog, which would give them full editorial control.

Glenton Holidays double page centre spread, Daily Record

Glenton Holidays double page centre spread, Daily Record

Most people go out on their own because they want the independence and accountability. They also want the freedom of working on their own terms – and I had one eye one starting a family when I took the leap. Two sons later and it has more than proved itself as the best decision, as we have also moved 150 miles north from Glasgow to Aberdeen.

If I hadn’t had my own business, with several years of success stories, testimonials and great contacts, the relocation would have been so much harder. As it was, Impact Online moved up a gear. I made some great connections and lots of opportunities presented themselves, from working with Aberdeenshire council to helping set up Aberdeen Business News TV. This was a particular highlight for me, as broadcast journalism had always slightly eluded me. This is a project set to expand this year and I’m really excited about it.

filming Aberdeen Business News

filming Aberdeen Business News

Another unexpected bonus of the move was my fairly unique position of understanding how to promote Glasgow businesses to the Aberdeen market, with all its idiosyncracies. I particularly enjoyed helping Auction House Scotland as they planned their first auction in Aberdeen. They are a really dynamic, forward-thinking company and working with them was great fun – from shooting a promotional video to delivering hand made chocolate gavels to coordinating with journalists on the day itself.

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I plan to ease myself back into work in the next couple of months. My second son, Kerr, is four months old and a very content wee lad so I’m hoping the transition will be smooth. I’m already doing a couple of days consulting with a Glasgow-based company and relishing re-engaging my brain!

Today, though, I will be reflecting and planning – and hoping for many more years of working with people who inspire me on projects I believe in.



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