Graph Search from Facebook: This changes everything!

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Graph Search from Facebook: This changes everything! Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail
  • English only
  • Slow rollout to those who join the waiting list first
  • Will only search publicly available information
  • Only covers people, places, photos and interests
  • Different results depending on your connections
  • Uses auto-suggest feature
  • Will eventually include Instagram data
  • Works in partnership with Microsoft Bing
  • Would let Google in if they could index fast enough
  • Use it for finding friends, dating & recruiting
  • You can bulk untag
  • No mobile interface yet

Two hours ago Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has a new tool: Graph Search. The bloggers and tweeters are going crazy but the stock market is taking stock… I’m intrigued.

Imagine Google was an actual person. “Hey Google, I want to eat out tonight and don’t know where to go, what would you recommend?” It might say, “Well, I know you like Italian food and you live in Glasgow, but I know you prefer to dress casually and the last time you went to Ciao you hated it, so how about Bella, Roma or PizzaPasta?” Wouldn’t that be useful?

Facebook can now do that.

It knows who your friends are, where you’ve checked in, which photos you like and what your interests are. It also knows what your friends like and where they’ve been. It even knows where your friends of friends have been and what they like and whether they’re single and where they live and what school they went to… Frightened yet?

Don’t be.

Graph Search only returns those pictures and bits of data which have been marked as public. And judging by the slightly derisory response Zuckerberg gave to the question: “Would you work with Google?” – “Yes if they could index fast enough” then Facebook will know the minute you up the ante on your privacy and it will remove your stuff from Graph Search results.

Also, every person will receive different Graph Search results because it will depend who their friends are. Like Linked In, it will filter results according to your connections. It will also filter results according to social currency – how many likes or comments a photo has will determine how high up the list it goes.

As a tool, it’s pretty amazing.

If I were to ask that same question about where to eat out, it would tell me where my friends have been recently, whether they liked it and what their comments were.

I’m about to move to a new city for six months, so this tool could be fantastic for me. I could search “People who like the things I like in Aberdeen” and, provided they’ve made the information public, a whole new social circle might appear.

I’m going to do a few things as a result of this evenings announcement:

Double check my privacy settings. On everything.

Double check the pages I like (They show up in your ‘interests’)

Sign up for the Graph Search waiting list.

I can’t wait to try it out.

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