Got the bug

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Janathon days 19 and 20 were written off thanks to the sickness bug that’s been doing the rounds.

I had planned to go for a run on Sunday night and was looking forward to it. I find running at the end of the day easier and I knew we’d have a lovely big lunch to fuel me as we were visiting friends in Cupar. Unfortunately I felt worse and worse as the day went on, slept all the way home to Aberdeen and pretty much went straight to bed with no dinner.

Today I lay on the couch, having been up all night. I pulled the rug around me and balanced the laptop on my knee. It was actually quite a pleasant way to work!

I feel much better now. Starving myself for 24 hours has obviously sorted me out and, to be honest, I really appreciated a day of not moving. I feel rested, which is a strange way to feel when you’ve been so ill.

I’m looking forward to a day in my office space tomorrow and to a metafit class tomorrow night, which one of the mums at playgroup told me about. It’s held in a hall just round the corner from my house at 7.30 – so convenient!

Em – can anyone tell me what metafit actually is?

impact online church at sunset

A lovely church near Cupar at sunset



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  1. Jen
    January 20, 2014

    Sounds nasty, glad you’re on the mend πŸ™‚


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