Getting jiggy wit it: Janathon Day 23

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Getting jiggy wit it: Janathon Day 23 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

The lurgy is lurking – but it wasn’t going to stop me going to my dance class.

Despite the opportunity for legit Hawaii hands, Simon opted instead to exhaust us with a high tempo sweaty routine.

It involved the Roger Rabbit (the reverse Running Man) and the Dance Machine, some Top Rocks and some toe-heel-switching move that probably also has a name but I was too busy not falling over to hear it.

It was just as well I got the heart rate up and burned some calories.  I’d spent today writing optimised web copy for the new Mogabout website and dreaming of our next trip to Arran. So, sitting on my arse. I drank a lot of coffee today with this sore throat brewing, so hopefully exhausting myself before bedtime worked and I’ll counteract the caffeine.

Exercise duration: 45 mins

Calories burned: 350

Satisfaction level: Jiggy




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