Forest Workout: Janathon Day 3

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An unexpected and exciting email dropped late this afternoon – so the 45 mins I had set aside for Janathon were transferred to work time.

It ok though.

Today I smashed my activity goal. I’m even a quarter of the way to lapping myself, according to the Apple Watch.

Forest workout

The great outdoors

My son and I went to Dalkeith Country Park (the smaller one was at nursery) where we basically did a two hour outdoor gym session. It was awesome. We played football, climbed walls, ran up and down stairs, jumped fences to retrieve footballs, sprinted down paths to rescue footballs and generally sweated in the 4 degree forest.

forest workout

forest workout

forest workout

Not just a forest workout

Even when we eventually gave up the ball for lost – one of the park rangers came to our rescue.

Whoever does the marketing and comms work for the park and its Fort Douglas adventure area and Restoration Yard leisure village deserves an award. The signage is spot on, the design work is gorgeous and the language is just the right side of quirky.

The owners have clearly invested a lot – oh – Β£285,000 according to their blog! A fabulous new Sky Maze is due to open soon – it was tantalisingly out of reach today, cordoned off and seemingly ready to go… I’ve signed up to the mailing list so I know when to head back.forest workout

There was only one part I did not get involved in…

forest workout

… though looking at that picture, doesn’t it seem like a metaphor for life?

I’m off to do a lot of stretching before bed. That Nike workout last night made itself felt all day. My Christmas-crackered body is a little bit in shock.

Day 3 was fun – I would definitely recommend a forest workout πŸ™‚

Activity: 2 hours

Calories: 594

Satisfaction level: high



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