Five child challenge: Janathon Day 19

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Sometimes life alone is enough of a work out. Bring on the five child challenge.

five child challenge

Five child challenge rules

The challenge involves:

  • Carrying a protesting 7 yo on your piggy back across a rugby pitch
  • Dangling a delighted 4 yo by his ankles
  • Chasing a determined 3yo across a garden
  • Sprinting to prevent all five throwing each other down the stairs

…. it’s quite a workout. Then there’s level two.

Mental five child challenge

The mental gymnastics required to sustain a catch up conversation with one of your oldest and bestest friends, while all five children interrupt in relay format, would floor any athlete.

Your multitasking skills are truly tested as you pour juice, wipe noses, tie laces, undo buttons for toilet dashes and catch the flailing fish as they’re scooped out the tank – all while sustaining a balanced Brexit debate.

If only the children could apply the same tenacity they display trying to get mummy’s attention to finding their bloody shoes.

Extra points for environment

Luckily Caroline lives in a gorgeous big house and married a man who relishes the challenge of building ramps and creating treehouses.

five child challenge

When we had eventually fed them all, Velcroed the superhero suits, and found five of everything to minimise the quarrelling, we did actually get to drink peppermint tea in the drawing room.

Fabulous afternoon.

Exercise duration: 4 hours

Calories burned: Hundreds

Satisfaction level: Full of love


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