Feeling connected – Janathon Day 11

Feeling connected – Janathon Day 11 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail


I concentrated on a very specific area of my body this evening.

My two hands.

My friend Karen had suggested before Christmas that we do a child massage course with two other friends, as a way to reconnect with our increasingly independent boys.

I was intrigued so happily agreed – all I know about massages is how blissful they are in a spa.

Tonight at our first class I realised how beneficial teaching your children about positive touch can be. The instructor Anne explained that when you’re both relaxed, it’s easier to chat. She said when she started to give her son foot massages he would tell her all the stories of his day, what had happened at school and anything he was worried about.

She taught us the basics of hand and foot massage, explained about the different pressure and support to use and then supervised as we alternately practised or received the massage.

(Hell just to be in a tidy house without toys was a treat. It was so quiet, the fire was on, the candles were burning, the soft music was playing – and she made a pot of tea. I was sold just on that.)

I’m counting this as Janathon for a number of reasons.

1: my feet feel incredible, properly restored after all the high impact exercise I’ve been expecting them to support

2: my mind is clear, I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and as if all my energy has been gathered and returned to my core

3: my thumbs are quite sore


calories burned today: 361

steps: 6046

total distance: 4.99km

alcohol drunk: 0


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