Drippin’ in finesse – Janathon Day 13

Drippin’ in finesse – Janathon Day 13 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Ever get a song in your head and just play it non-stop?

It came on Radio 2 on the way to the gym (I love Graham Norton on a Saturday morning); it appeared on the “Charting Now” playlist on Apple Music and then I just kept it on repeat a few times as I worked out.

The gym was HOACHIN’ (which, for my friends south of the border, means ‘extremely busy’) partly cos it’s January, partly cos it’s Saturday morning with all the kids’ clubs and partly due to the Les Mills promo week that’s going on at David Lloyd.

check out that carpark! I had to circle it twice to find a space!

I was in the zone big time this morning –  I even did extra split squats.

I’ve noticed how much further I can stretch now, so put a few extra minutes into my warm down. I’ll achieve those splits one day.

After my shower I sat in the cafe with my favourite post-workout snacks and the laptop, finishing off some work.

My Janathon effort didn’t stop there – the boys and I walked up to see the alpacas this afternoon, which involved scooters, a go-kart and a few mad dashes to prevent crashes. Seeing as yesterday’s exercise is unprintable, this double whammy will cover it.


calories 406

steps 7958

Total distance 6.5km

Alcohol drunk: not sure yet. Rod brought two bottles of fabulous Rioja home. I’m halfway through my first glass and it’s heaven so I may have two or three. I’ll let you know.


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