Double time – Janathon Day 24

Double time – Janathon Day 24 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

I missed day 23 so I did twice the workout today – gym at lunchtime and dance class this evening. Feeling AMAZING!

I was loving the track this evening. It was a straightforward but fast routine – I really had to concentrate. I think I completely threw poor Jen when I took off my sweater and she got an eyeful of my monster butt…

Simon was telling me his studio is nearly ready – he’s going from 30 to 120 classes. Definitely need to chat to him for my scale up column!

My other workout today was in the gym at lunchtime because I ate far too many bourbon biscuits last night watching the end of Outlander series 3.

It was lovely and quiet – too far from offices for there to be a lunchtime rush – and I was so in the zone that I nearly jumped out my skin when a guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I’d finished with the 12kg kettlebells. (I should really go up to 16kg now that I think about it.)

Tomorrow I’m doing my first ever spin class and I am not looking forward to it. I cancelled last week with relief when I had to go to a meeting – but this week I have no excuses. It should make for a good post…

Meantime I’m going to enjoy the endorphins still dancing round my body and sashay up to bed.


Calories 723

steps 12,383

Distance 10.63km

Alcohol 0

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