Double creme egg run: Janathon Day 17

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Reasons to go for a run tonight:

♦️I sat in the car for a total of seven hours today getting to Aberdeen and back

♦️I ate two creme eggs en route

♦️I’ve committed to Janathon

♦️It would keep me away from the bottle of wine Rod brought home

Reasons not to go for a run tonight

I sat in a car for seven hours today

The temperature in Edinburgh is somewhere around freezing

I would rather have wine

creme eggDriving with a creme egg or two

I had a LiberEat meeting in Aberdeen today. Usually I drive up the night before and stay with my friend Emma, but that means missing dance class. So I opted to go up and back in a day, which wouldn’t really be a problem, except that I got overexcited about the AWPR finally being open and took that route.

(Also there were signs saying ‘For Aberdeen Uni follow signs for ARI’).

Obviously it brought me into Westhill which is a good six miles from the city centre – and it was snowing – so it took me four hours to reach the LiberEat offices in the end. Sigh.

Home in three hours

I am very proud to report that I came home, spent a wee bit of time with the boys then changed into my running gear before Rod could open the wine.

Stupidly I wore a big jacket.

I was boiling ten minutes in.

But I persevered.

It was slow and steady and aimed for a slightly shortened version of the barracks route. 

I even managed to run (slowly) up the hills home. I decided to run via the long gradual slopes rather than tackle the one steep hill – and that was definitely a good idea.

My body was knackered and a bit sore, but I am really proud of myself for getting out there.

I might even have a glass of wine.

Exercise duration: 30 mins

Calories burned: 323 – (2x 150 calories per creme egg) = 23

Satisfaction level – chuffed


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