Dental issues: Janathon Days 4 & 5

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I got a rush of adrenaline today – but it wasn’t from exercise.

I had to lie in a dentist’s chair and fight the fight-or-fight response. Twice.

dental issues

My floss was mocking me

I’m really disappointed to be making excuses so soon into my Janathon challenge. I’m not a complete failure in that the boys and I spent Friday morning and Saturday morning outside running around. But I wouldn’t in all honesty count that towards my goal. My teeth got in the way.

Dental issues

On Friday I had an emergency dentist appointment because my wisdom tooth was causing me problems. I couldn’t get childcare organised so we picked up Rod from work and he sat in the car with the boys while I dashed in. We didn’t have time for an extraction then and there, so I had to go back on the Saturday.

I like my dentist, she’s done a lot to restore my faith after some bad experiences. I had a pretty traumatic removal of a lower wisdom tooth and a subsequent reaction to the diclofenac medication in Aberdeen, so I was fairly nervous in the intervening 24 hours.

Mind over matter

I had to sit in the carpark for ten minutes before I went  – in to prepare myself mentally. In the end, the tooth stayed. She didn’t like how close the roots were to my sinus, so she has referred me to the dental hospital. To alleviate the pain in the meantime, she performed root canal treatment. To her credit, she didn’t call it that until afterwards, using various euphemisms instead.

It only took 15minutes and I had my headphones on playing very loud music, but I was shaking as I left. This annoyed me. I felt pathetic. As with most things we dread, the reality hadn’t been half as bad as the anticipation.

However, it did floor me for the rest of the day. Even my eyelid was numb from the anaesthetic on the left side of my face and I felt nauseous and tired. Rod came home from work at 4.30 and I went to bed.

So tomorrow I have some work to do to make up for missing days 4 and 5.

I think I’ll tackle those gates.


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