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Presenting at Portlethen Academy to the Joint Meeting of K&M Community Planning Group, K&M Area Committee & Aberdeenshire Council’s K&M Area Management Team

Over the past four months I’ve been working with two really forward-thinking professionals to review, research and recommend a strategy for their department’s communications.

Jola and Emma work for the Kincardine and Mearns Community Planning Group – and part of the project involved creating an easier-to-understand brand: K&M Communities.

The group is a collective of public, private and third sector organisations who all contribute to making this geographic area a better place to live.

The area, roughly Portlethen to St Cyrus in Aberdeenshire, is pretty diverse and an interesting part of the project was making sure that communication wasn’t simply online. Newsletters and forums had to feature strongly in the strategy but equally, social media had to be used to full potential.

Along with Jola and Emma, I presented our findings to an audience of 50 – councillors; representatives from the fire service, police and the NHS;  businesspeople and charity representatives. I was really pleasantly surprised at the positive response.

Our solution, a new website bringing together all the information and links is now live: I’m really proud of it because it’s been designed for the community based on extensive research. It has also been built in such a way as to make its management as easy as possible for Jola, Emma and their editorial team. They can easily update it and they understand its structure so they can use it to its full potential in a very time-efficient manner (after all, they are busy ladies!) The website brings together links to all the area’s stakeholders and services and clearly displays the Facebook and Twitter accounts, which they are keeping up to date and using to enhance their brand. K&M Communities also has a brand spanking new newsletter which again has been designed for the community and in a way which is easy to update.

If you live in the area I’d really recommend you check it out.

If you work in any area where reaching different audiences and gathering feedback from your community is important, then you could really benefit from looking at Kincardine and Mearns Community Planning Group’s approach.

I’m really proud of this project and look forward to seeing it grow.

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