Clubbercise: Janathon Day 21

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Clubbercise is the perfect antidote to Blue Monday you know.

I mean – why wouldn’t you want to dance around to old school tunes with glow sticks?

Clubbercise Prep

I worked hard today – I accomplished a lot of things on my to-do list, completed another page detailing my 2019 plan for Impact Online and had two very interesting calls.

Then I switched to mum mode.

I did the school pick up, and the football class run, and the nursery pick up, and the dinner, and the bathtime, and the ironing of the new school shirts, and the greeting of the husband (“Your dinner’s in that plate under the tinfoil” – “Oh God I don’t like salmon” – *stifles sweary words and watches him make a sandwich made mostly of mustard.)

Then I painted my toenails, got changed into my gym gear and drove off into the cold, wet night.

Bring on the glow sticks

The discoball was spinning, the glowsticks were flashing and the women were standing around nervously – but as soon as the happy hardcore came on the grins spread.

“I’ve got a bit of a Sargeant Major tendency – my dad was in the army!” Nicola laughed as she ordered our knees higher and our runs faster.

“How many now?” my friend gasped periodically, and I would check my watch.

“305 calories”…. “400 calories”… “Nearly at 500 calories!”

In the end we burned 503 calories in a 60 minute class, which featured “Hot Right Now” (Rita Ora); “Zombie Nation” (Kerncraft 400) and lots of other club classics whose words I could never make out over the base but whose bars were as familiar as that blue hair mascara we all slavered over as 14 year olds.

I was one sweaty lady by the end, but still managed to make a wee boomerang. Nicola loved it and promised next week we’d make a full class clip.

Come and join us!

Exercise duration: 1 hour

Calories burned: 503

Satisfaction level: sweaty and grinning



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