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Today is International Women’s Day, so who better for a client focus than Carole Ferguson, kickass lawyer and working mum?

Carole and I met in Aberdeen a few years ago when she was revamping her website and looking for a copywriter. We instantly got on and have worked together on various projects since. I love how smart she is – Carole is dual-qualified as a barrister and solicitor – and I love her attitude. Everything about my work with Ferguson Legal involves thinking creatively, from creating a tone online, to sourcing cool images, to helping with marketing ideas and designing her newsletter.

Plus, our meetings tend to involve alcohol and hot venues – always a winner.

If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be?

A professional tennis player. I’m still a bit gutted I didn’t stick in there when I was 16 – I got distracted by boys and booze!

Which case gave you the biggest buzz?

Tough call – I think it was when I was defending a managing director on corporate manslaughter charges. A runaway rail trailer had killed four people and maimed five. It was such a difficult case and involved a lot of time away from home – it was a huge learning curve for me. He was sentenced to nine years but we got the sentence reduced on appeal.

Wow. Being a lawyer sounds awful…

Well, when I was at the Bar defending people like paedophiles – I worked on the Gary Glitter case – it was very difficult. We called ourselves the department of death, disease and destruction. No one wants to defend these people, but they need representation so that justice can be done. You have to have a black sense of humour and laugh about it, otherwise you’d have a mental breakdown.

So you left the Bar and set up Ferguson Legal in Scotland – how come?

To be in complete control. If I want to go to the gym at 9am I can and if I want to have a drink at a charity lunch, like the CLAN one in a few weeks, I can. If I decide it’s good for business to network with other business people at an enjoyable event then no one’s going to stop me. I like being in charge of my fate.

What makes Ferguson Legal different?

We want to be friendly and approachable. I want my clients to say, “Oh good, I need to call my lawyer”, not, “oh sh*t I’ll need to call my lawyer”! Personally, I love becoming part of my clients’ teams and having a commercial as well as legal head on my shoulders. I think law can have a bit of a bad reputation and I don’t see why, our aim is always to help our clients understand the risks and make their decisions sensibly, plus we’re who you want on your side should the sh*t hit the fan.

What are your biggest extravagances?

Hmmm – shoes or cars. Oh, and Champagne.

And, if you’ll indulge me, why do you like working with Impact Online?

Because you get me and you’re fun! No, I’m serious. I’ve tried a few other people for other services and I keep coming back to you. There’s no point in doing business if it can’t be fun. And over wine.

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