105 million reasons your business needs Twitter

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Twitter announced at last night’s Chirp conference that the network has 105,779,710 registered users. I’m excited to finally have a figure – it’s always been a bit of a guessing game. That makes Twitter a quarter of the size of Facebook – but at 300,000 new sign-ups per day it looks like it could be […]

Twitter for Granmas

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I was trying to explain social media to my Grandma today.
She’s 82 and very sharp, so I thought that with a bit of patience, she’d get it. I talked her through Facebook and Twitter and even showed her some blogs – she nodded along, asked questions and seemed to grasp the concept. But then she […]

The Five Tweets of Twitter

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Setting up a Twitter account is easy – maintaining it is more difficult and holding onto your followers is the hardest part of all. I’ve noticed that the most successful people or businesses on Twitter use five different types of tweet to hold their audience: the comment, the info, the reply, the retweet and the […]