A journalism graduate’s view of the media industry in Scotland

Over the summer, I have the pleasure of working with James Wyllie, who has come onboard as a paid intern, fresh from completing his journalism degree at Robert Gordon University. (He recently found out he got a first, which doesn’t surprise me at all!)
James is assisting me with all my clients and projects and we […]

5 reasons to use Twitter Lists

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1 It organises the noise
Once you’re following a few hundred people, your newsfeed is going to get very busy. You’re going to miss things. You might even get overwhelmed and be tempted to give up on Twitter entirely.
Listing allows you to segregate your newsfeed into bite-size chunks. You can list the people you follow according […]

Tips for a Fitter Twitter

Tips for a Fitter Twitter

These practical tips will help make sure you justify all that time spent on Twitter!

Selling on Twitter – SMW Glasgow presentation

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As part of Social Media Week Glasgow, I was invited to speak at a Business Banter event on Tuesday 20 September. It was a fantastic event – if you didn’t manage to make it along, a video of my short, five minute presentation is available here.
The transcript is as follows:
I’ve only got five minutes so […]

Social Media Week Glasgow

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Next Tuesday morning, between 8 and 11am, I will be speaking at one of the Social Media Week Events – Business Banter.
I was very kindly invited to speak by Jacky – Martin Jack, managing director of Think Different Events. Jacky is one of those guys who just gets it. He has spent a year building […]

Laws for Twitter?

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So it turns out Ryan Giggs name was not revealed by ‘disgruntled tabloid journalists’ on Twitter – rather a ‘leftie banker’ from Guildford.
If, like me, you’re a bit fed up with this super-injunction debate, you’ll probably be thinking ‘who cares?’
Well, I’d argue that this proves something I’ve always suspected: journalists use social media differently and, […]

Snow Business-Twitter to the rescue

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Last week I made this video blog about the snow and the different reactions people had
to coping with the weather. Then Monday happened.
A weekend thaw lulled us all into a false sense of security and I, like most of the country,
ventured out in the Monday rush hour only to get a nasty surprise. In a […]

Five reasons to use Twitter lists

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Recently I’ve sorted all my Twitter followers into lists. It’s something I’ve always kind of done – and I love checking out other people’s lists (especially if they’ve been kind enough to put me on them!) – but I really needed to sit down and do it properly. It took a while, but it was […]

I tweet therefore I am – quotes from Twitter

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God bless the programmer who decided 140 characters should be the limit for the text message – and by extension – the tweet.

I can’t bear ramblers, droners or those who are “intoxicated with the exuberance of their own verbosity” as my mum loves to say. As someone who studied modern languages at uni and chose […]

Election 2010 through Twitter

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I could have been with the three-dimensional people at the SECC – but instead I made myself comfortable in front of the TV and lived Election Night through Twitter.
Before you scoff at the geek on the couch, let me paint the scene. Using Twitter client Hootsuite I set up four columns on my screen: my […]