VIDEO: How to write a press release

VIDEO: How to write a press release

People constantly ask me how to write a press release, particularly sole traders and SMEs, who don’t have budget for a PR agency or don’t really know what they need from one anyway.
If you have a piece of news, tell the press. It’s that simple. Problem is, journalists are snowed under and getting increasing pressure […]

Aston Martins, entrepreneurs and media training – 2016 in review

Aston Martins, entrepreneurs and media training – 2016 in review

I’ve bleached the tiles, cleaned the oven and laid out my new 2017 Harrods journal in anticipation- but first I’d like to say a proper goodbye to 2016 and set four goals for 2017.
1 Work with more agencies
I’ve had some really successful partnerships this year with both Scottish and London-based agencies and really enjoy working […]

Making an impact online: Labels4Kids

Making an impact online: Labels4Kids

The ninth company to take part in our “making an impact online” guest blog series is Labels4Kids. I’ve been an admirer of managing director Ann-Maree Morrison for years now, so I’m honoured she has written this guest post. The chartered accountant has an amazing story (I must interview her for!) and a fantastic business based […]

Facebook authorship feature

Facebook authorship feature

I am pretty excited about this.
Facebook has decided to copy Google+ and add an authorship feature, so that whenever you share a link to your blog or an article you’ve written, it adds a link to your Facebook profile.

I love this for many reasons.
1 Facebook remains the biggest social network (like it or not) and […]

How to use Google search – 5 tips to stop you wasting time

“If you have some problem in your life and you need to use religion to deal with it, fine.
I use Google.”

When I first heard Simon Amstell’s comment to Jermaine Jackson on Never Mind the Buzzcocks I laughed the he did not just say that laugh. (Poor Jermaine had taken the ribbing in good humour up […]

Share or Like to Win? No thanks.

How often have you been on Facebook and seen this: “SHARE OR LIKE TO WIN”?
I asked my friends on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In if they ‘like or share to win’ and here are some of their responses:
Marie: “No. It annoys me because then they spam me and it’s always more effort than what they […]

3 reasons why your company needs a blog

I’ve been talking to two clients recently about the merits of setting up a company blog. They’ve been keen but understandably a little worried about the time it would require and whether anyone would read it. So I thought it would be helpful to bring together all the benefits of a blog in one place […]

The Facebook Minefield

If you had just been to a job interview, would you try to add your interviewer on Facebook?
If a client sent you a friend request, would you accept?
If your boss asked you to change your profile picture, would you?
Each of these scenarios has happened to me or a family member, and yet discussing them, we […]

Time to take a risk?

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Time to take a risk?

It’s time to take a calculated risk – and Impact Online is working with some innovators!

Protect your photos online

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One of my favourite blogs, Mila’s Daydreams, has just made a really sad announcement – due to continued copyright infringement, the writer has decided to stop posting.
It’s mostly a photo blog that the author began for distant relatives – she’d create scenes with her sleeping baby and whatever was lying around and post pictures as […]