How to get business through Linked In

I am working with two important clients right now whose business I would not have won without Linked In. Of all the social networks, it’s the most straightforward in terms of attributing leads and business, in my opinion. Twitter and Facebook have allowed me to develop relationships with people who have gone on to recommend […]

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Presentation

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Presentation

“And what exactly do you do in that hour?”
I was talking about running a business to a group of 18 future entrepreneurs and they were grilling me in a way I really hadn’t anticipated – how did I justify my hourly rate?
“Well, it takes me about an hour to draft a press release, for example,” […]

3 practical Linked In tips

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3 practical Linked In tips

While Twitter and Facebook are straightforward with simple features, Linked In seems to present more of a challenge. The business network has just undergone another redesign in an attempt to become more intuitive – but I still have clients and colleagues asking me how best to use it. This isn’t a step-by-step instruction post (find […]

How to use Linked In

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In the battle to get businesses to understand the value of a social media strategy, Linked In always seems to win. Facebook is “for the kids”, Twitter has a silly name but Linked In has immediate gravitas – so why are so many people confused about it?
I’d suggest it’s due to usability. Facebook is ridiculously […]