Facebook authorship feature

Facebook authorship feature

I am pretty excited about this.
Facebook has decided to copy Google+ and add an authorship feature, so that whenever you share a link to your blog or an article you’ve written, it adds a link to your Facebook profile.

I love this for many reasons.
1 Facebook remains the biggest social network (like it or not) and […]

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook

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Exactly ten years ago Mark Zuckerberg launched thefacebook.com from his Harvard dorm. Now it has more active users than were even on the internet on that day: 1.23 billion.
Although there has been the inevitable backlash and reports of teenagers abandoning the network ‘in their droves’, I, for one, cannot imagine life without it.
For one thing, […]

Share or Like to Win? No thanks.

How often have you been on Facebook and seen this: “SHARE OR LIKE TO WIN”?
I asked my friends on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In if they ‘like or share to win’ and here are some of their responses:
Marie: “No. It annoys me because then they spam me and it’s always more effort than what they […]

Graph Search from Facebook: This changes everything!

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Graph Search from Facebook: This changes everything!

English only
Slow rollout to those who join the waiting list first
Will only search publicly available information
Only covers people, places, photos and interests
Different results depending on your connections
Uses auto-suggest feature
Will eventually include Instagram data
Works in partnership with Microsoft Bing
Would let Google in if they could index fast enough
Use it for finding friends, dating & recruiting
You can […]

The Facebook Minefield

If you had just been to a job interview, would you try to add your interviewer on Facebook?
If a client sent you a friend request, would you accept?
If your boss asked you to change your profile picture, would you?
Each of these scenarios has happened to me or a family member, and yet discussing them, we […]