Bye bye (Lady) Birdy

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in janathon, Social Media Strategy | One Comment

Like a martyr I went out for a run for Janathon day 22, despite six bruises and what feels like deep tissue damage caused by last night’s Metafit.

It was a short run, only 15 minutes, not quite two miles, in the drizzle and wind with broken headphones.

impact online ladybird headphones

I’m really sad my headphones are broken, but they have been through the washing machine and putting them in my ears was probably unsafe. They’re the only earphones that actually stay in while I run and live in a little circular holder to stop them tangling. They cost me £1 and have ladybirds on the ear buds and as you may have noticed on this website, I do love ladybirds.

I got my trainers all muddy too. But the run did loosen me up, so I’m glad I went.


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  1. JogBlog
    January 23, 2014

    Cute earphones, and only £1! Can you get some more?


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