Breathe – Janathon Day 31

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I’ve done it! 31 days of exercise complete!

I finished on a high with my absolute favourite class – Simon Says Dance – and a complicated routine to Breathe by Jax Jones.

Clare and I did our best but it was hard to keep a straight face in between trying to body roll, kick ball change and this new thing called “whacking”… This is totally what we looked like:

The thing with learning a dance routine, I’ve realised, is that you need to stop watching the instructor and pay attention to your own body. I need to be more aware of my weight shifts and anticipate the moves rather than letting them catch me out. I find my rhythm easier this way and end up doing a manageable version of the dance, rather than kidding myself I’ve got the finesse of a trained dancer (hey, a girl can dream).

I had a brilliant time as usual and left with a big smile on my pink perspiring face.

Tomorrow is February, which means we’re 28 days closer to my favourite day of the year, the 1at of March. It’s my favourite because it’s the longest time before we have to do January and February again.

To be fair, January 2018 has been fun – and that’s mostly thanks to Janathon’s endorphins.

Mission accomplished.


calories 507

steps 6873

distance 6.3km

alcohol 0


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