Breaking it down – Janathon day 2

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I’m reading this great business book called “Rework” right now. It’s written by the guys behind Basecamp – the project management software – but really it’s authored by the wee boy in the crowd shouting: “Look! The emperor’s naked!”

Amongst the many jewels of wisdom is a chapter called “Make tiny decisions”. It’s all about breaking big scary things down into easy chunks.

I applied this logic to Janathon day 2 and now plan to expand this approach to the whole challenge.

Today I hit the gym – along with half of Edinburgh and no doubt the country – a bit nervous about how my booze-soaked, cheese-filled body would cope.

I just took it one exercise at a time and tried to push myself to one extra rep each time: kettle bell swings, lunges, squats, weights etc.

I quickly remembered how much I love this style of fitness, my old trainer’s voice was still in my head (I miss you Lee ).

I especially relish being in that zone, with the music pumping and your brain empty of all the usual worries and lists.

I felt connected to myself, testing how far each muscle could strain, paying attention to my breaths, feeling my heartbeat increase… I’ve never been a meditator but I imagine this is something like it.

I took extra time over my stretches and felt energised as I skipped down the stairs.

I made this one count, I’ll make tomorrow count too. One day at a time until January 31st. Then I’ll weigh myself, physically and mentally.




calories 226

steps 4788

distance 3.96 km

alchohol drunk 0


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