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I love my job. I get the opposite of Sunday night dread – probably because I’m the boss so I only work with people I respect on projects I believe in.

Every so often, though, I feel like I really hit the jackpot. I get an opportunity to work with a great client, we come up with a brilliant strategy and the result is something I’m particularly proud of.

The video released for Auction House Scotland yesterday is one such example.

From planning to execution, the whole project was just a pleasure. The managing director was great on camera, the subject matter was really interesting, the locations were varied and attractive and the four of us involved in the shoot just worked really well together.

The power of video is perfectly demonstrated with this project, in my opinion. We’ve got shorter clips which we’ve sent out with the press release announcing Aberdeen’s first property auction and we’ve linked to the full video across all the social media platforms. We can send it out to the database, use extra footage, show the video at events and we’ve written about the process on the company blog.

As well as making an impact, we hope there will be an educational value to the video too – that it will help to dispel some myths about auction properties and give people lots of ideas. It also introduces the people behind the brand really effectively, hopefully inspiring trust.

We are planning further videos and there may even be a blooper reel in production – so have a look and then think about whether something similar would work for your company…

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 21.48.26

My grateful thanks to Rob Petrie who worked with me in production, filming and editing most professionally.


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