Aston Martin and Leven Car Company lead the news agenda

Aston Martin and Leven Car Company lead the news agenda Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

For me, the only thing more satisfying than landing a new client, is seeing a client in print.

fullsizerenderWhen they make the lead of the business section that’s a particular cause for celebration.

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Leven Car Company owns Scotland’s only Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin dealerships – they have just bought their second site in Edinburgh at One Corstorphine Road. This new showroom will house five Rolls-Royces and 35 pre-owned supercars – like Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maseratis.

The new address has only been trading for a week and has already shifted over a million pounds worth of stock.


(I’m so sad they’ve sold the Zagato – it was such a pleasure to see it in the showroom for the short time they had it! Definitely my dream car <3)

As if the new place weren’t exciting enough, this weekend Leven had a very special visitor: the DB11.

James Bond doesn’t even have one of these bad boys yet. It’s the first new DB in 13 years and my God, it’s a thing of beauty. When the prototype visited a few months ago, the place was bursting with admirers and diehard petrolheads desperate to get a look. And a look was all they got – it was a “static demonstrator”, no driving allowed.


We got a fair bit of coverage then too.

This weekend, however, customers were allowed to test drive it. Needless to say these slots were booked up weeks in advance. The number of deposits taken on the car was record-breaking even before people had touched it – and today even more deposits were taken.

It is a very exciting time for Leven Car Company, so its important we get the message out there.

If you’re interested in what’s next follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also – don’t be shy. Everyone is welcome to pop in and have a look, either at the Aston Martin dealership on Bankhead Drive or the new showroom at One Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh.






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