A confession, an excuse and a trip down memory lane

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First, the confession. On Janathon day 8 I did nothing. I’m not even going to try to count walking to and from the bus stop or traipsing to three different phone shops to switch mobile phone provider. Nada.

So on Janathon day 9 I was determined to make up for it and drove back to the Weird Mound all in my kit, ready for a double-strength workout, but the wheels came off. Literally – I pulled the buggy out the boot and the wheel fell off. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get it back on. So day 9 wasn’t up to much either.

Today, however, I ran for 25 minutes in the dark around my mum and dad’s neighbourhood with my dog.

impact online Chester golden retriever

I had driven from Aberdeen to Glasgow, enjoyed dinner with my family and would happily have sat in front of Friday night telly, but no, after two bad days I had to go out for a run. And I’m so glad I did! With Chester in tow, I ran down towards the park, past the entrance (as Chester looked confused) along the main road, past the Camerons’ old house, up the longest, slowest hill to the Whitelaws and kept going til it finally flattened out and then sloped down towards the church where I got married. I stopped to put the dog on the lead and ran along another main road to the lights, turned right past my first ever client’s family home, past the park again (Chester tried to go in this time), turned off early past the beautiful house that used to have a swimming pool, up that bloody hill again and back down mum and dad’s street.

Twenty five minutes, no stops, no twisted ankle in the dark and one knackered doggy. I even got back in time for the Celebrity Big Brother eviction.

I’m back on track!


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