9 things I love about Glasgow’s Buchanan Street

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glasgow, buchanan street1 The music – the Glasgow buskers are really bloody good. I particularly love when those wild kilted guys dance about to the drums and bagpipes

2 Karen Millen – I want everything, even though I can’t afford most of it. (Though they do have good sales)

3 The chat – I’ve lived in Aberdeen, where strangers don’t even make eye contact, and Edinburgh, where everyone assumes you’re a tourist. I’m Glaswegian. I like a wee chat with the cashier, the woman in the cool shoes next to me at the ticket booth, the mum of the cute kid at the pedestrian crossing, the guy with the interesting tattoo… In Glasgow, SO DOES EVERYONE

4 Paperchase – It’s a feast, a FEAST I tell you.

5 The style – I was on Buchanan Street ten minutes and I’d seen an awesome hat, shoes I coveted, rainbow hair, crazy tats, adorable pigtailed girls, fierce fashionistas, a march, a security guard in a top hat, some shining examples of makeup contouring and, my personal favourite, a man wearing a traffic cone on his head. Yep, just strolling along like the Duke of Wellington. (If you don’t know why this is funny, read this.)

5 The Princes Square peacock – it’s an incredible sculpture but you’ll miss it if you don’t look up.

6 Zara – it’s huge, well-stocked and has lots of fitting rooms with really helpful staff.

7 The Argyll Arcade – all the diamonds in the world live here, the architecture is gorgeous and the man who greets you at the entrance looks like the Queen’s Guard.

8 Random barbecues – I swear, there was a Coors sign and some seats. In the middle of Buchanan Street. All we needed was taps aff.

9 The way the wee Timpsons has survived all these years, despite being flanked by Hugo Boss and some other super fancy brand. Hang in there dude.

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EDIT 24/8/17: A Twitter exchange with Discover Glasgow reminded me of the wee bronze map – another reason to love Buchanan Street!



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