600 – Janathon Day 14

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Is that the number of calories I burned today?


The number of millilitres of wine I drank last night?

Probably bang on.

600 is the number of grams I have lost after two weeks of Janathon.

That’s 1.3lb in old money.

Not impressed with myself.

“Yes but you’ve probably gained muscle weight,” my new friend in the Zumba class reassured me.

I do feel great – fit and full of energy. I haven’t noticed much difference in my clothes, but it’s only been two weeks. I’ve resolved not to weigh myself again until the 31st of January. It’s not really an accurate reflection of the work I’m doing – or the point of the exercise. I want to look toned and feel energetic.

This morning’s Zumba class certainly made me feel both those things. I think you get out of these classes what you put into them. The higher you get those knees and the more vigorously you use those arms, the better the workout and the more endorphins flood through your body.

We’re taking the boys to a country park this afternoon, so I’ll get another good run about. Tonight, as I sit with my diary to plan my week – which includes the opening of Eagle Labs at Codebase on Tuesday night – I will not have a glass of wine.

I’m off it.

I mean it this time.


Calories 426 so far – probably another few hundred to come

Steps 6978

Distance 6.49km

Alcohol 0 


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