5 tips from New Media Breakfast’s 1st Birthday

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You’ve got to love free legal advice – even if it’s not what you want to hear. You’ve also got to love a breakfast meeting that begins with Champagne – even if you’re pregnant and can’t drink it. Today was the 1st Birthday of the New Media Breakfast, so to celebrate Fatbuzz brought together a panel of five experts in law, search engine marketing, social media, business development and network development.
Questions varied from ‘what percentage of your marketing spend should you allocate to social media?’ to ‘how do I get more people to watch my online videos?’ and ‘what’s the point of Twitter if I’m on Linked In?’.
Here were my highlights:
If you moderate your comments, you are liable for their content
Valerie Surgenor, senior associate at MacRoberts explained that under Article 14 of the Ecommerce law, if your blog/forum comments are completely unmoderated then you effectively have a ‘get out’ should anything contained within them be actionable. This bothers me. The more responsible you are, the more the law punishes you. Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp made the point that he couldn’t build a decent online community without moderating and others agreed. Still, we have been warned.
UK online videos increased 37-fold in the last three years
A “geeky fact” (his words, not mine) from Gary Ennis. I think online video can be a very powerful tool if it’s short, engaging and in-keeping with the tone you’ve set for your company. Given the power of video search, I wasn’t surprised to hear Gordon predict usage would double in the next 18 months.
Viral is a myth
Thank God I’m not alone in thinking this – in my experience “this could go viral” is an ominous phrase uttered by people looking for maximum results from minimum effort. “You can give it viral qualities but then you need to find the right people to pass it on – and you need to pay it forward, not just spam,” Gordon said.
On Twitter there are a lot of social media people talking to other social media people about social media
Guilty. But while I think Ben from Attacat meant this as a negative, I’d argue it’s a positive. We’re sharing information, discussing developments and even helping each other out (hey – Gordon White let Gary Ennis be on his panel even though they’re competing for the same ROCCO award!) Plus I’d like to think we’re a welcoming bunch, helping newbies build their follower numbers by introducing them, #FF-ing them and RT-ing their links.
There are 19 billion searches a month on Twitter
Another Gary ‘geeky fact’! As he says, Google helps you find stuff on websites, Twitter helps you find out people’s hopes, desires and immediate requirements. Even a Twitterphobe must see the business benefits of that!
What did you take from this morning? I’d love to read your comments below!


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