Why should social media be part of my PR strategy?

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Look at this screenshot:

The top three results refer to the website. Then:

4th: Twitter

5th: Twitter

6th: Facebook

7th: YouTube

If I told you Networkingolf had also, within a week of this search, featured conspicuously in The Scotsman and The Daily Record, would you be surprised not to find any evidence of this until 14th position in the Google search results (4th on page two)?

The point is, having several social channels as part of your campaign gives you an instant online boost. But it doesn’t stop there, there’s the inbuilt call to action. If someone clicks on a website link, they may have a look around, they may make a note of the phone number, if you’re lucky they’ll buy your product. If someone clicks on a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn link they are far more likely to act. They’ll click ‘follow’, ‘like’, ‘connect’, they’ll leave a comment, hopefully they’ll share their discovery and best of all, they’ll start a conversation with you.

This is only the beginning – the hard part is out of the way because you have their attention. Holding it is where the skill comes in! It’s not enough to think ‘great, I’ve got their details, I’m going to bombard them with sales messages’. People see through this very quickly and it’s just as easy for them to ‘unfollow’ and disconnect from you entirely. Offer them value in the form of useful information, entertainment, special offers, good service and you’re far more likely not just to convert them into a customer, but convert them into a loyal customer who feels an affinity with you.

So will social be playing its part in your next campaign?

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