Aston Martins, entrepreneurs and media training – 2016 in review

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I’ve bleached the tiles, cleaned the oven and laid out my new 2017 Harrods journal in anticipation- but first I’d like to say a proper goodbye to 2016 and set four goals for 2017.

1 Work with more agencies

I’ve had some really successful partnerships this year with both Scottish and London-based agencies and really enjoy working on a big project as part of a creative team. So if you need a content provider or a PR strategist for your marketing, give me a call.

2 Work a day a week inhouse

I loved the commitment to one of my clients this year of always being in their office on a Monday. It was their marketing day so all the consultants would meet and make decisions. The rest of the staff expected me and we could always chat about PR and content on that particular day. I have one day a week free in the schedule over the next 3 months so I would love to spend it inhouse with a new client.

3 Deliver more training

This year I did quite a lot of training and I loved it. Getting the team around the table and covering all the relevant topics in an informal manner, as well as filming and practising media appearances, was just such a great use of time. All the companies I trained have gone on to create their own great content and handle media enquiries confidently. I’m planning a lot more seminars for 2017 – let me know if your company would benefit from one!

4 Email marketing campaigns

I’ve spent the last three months working with a client on their email marketing campaign. If you get this part of your business right, you’re flying. The process involves defining your key messages, really knowing your customers and prioritising your promotions – and the best part is you can clearly measure your results. I’m so proud this client has open rates of 62% against an industry average of 17% – we’ve all worked hard together to make the whole project a huge success. I’d like to work with more companies on this part of their business, as I believe it’s often overlooked or underused.

Want to know why you should work with me?

Well, here’s an overview of Impact Online’s year:


There was definitely a health theme to the first quarter – I spent January trying to honour my commitment to Janathon, exploring our new hometown of Edinburgh with my running shoes on. I also did a lot of work for Hong Kong-based gym JAB, working on their content strategy. In March I attended two great events: the Ambition and Growth Conference and An Evening with James Watt of Brewdog with Entrepreneurial Scotland. Behind the scenes Mike Watson and I were cooking up a new venture…

Jacke Waring chuffed to bits with the Scotsman coverage of her Ambition and Growth Conference

L-R Chris Van Der Kuhl, James Watt and Sandy Kennedy at the Entrepreneurial Scotland “Evening With” event



This was probably my favourite quarter as I achieved a lifelong dream of launching a magazine. Mike and I finally unveiled Scottish Entrepreneur and the feedback was absolutely brilliant. We’d invested our own time and money in it, so we were very chuffed no one thought our baby was ugly. I did my first piece of work for Aston Martin Edinburgh and also brokered a deal with FACTS magazine to make my client Carole Ferguson their new columnist. Networking-wsie the highlight was a fantastic night in Gleneagles at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

I launched a magazine!

Coverage of the Aston Martin Edinburgh DB11 Event


EY Entrepeneur of the Year Event


This was a great quarter for new business. I landed a new London-based client, Zebra People, who I continue to work with on their content strategy and spent a brilliant few days up in Peterhead with the Port Authority doing some media training. Following the successful coverage for Aston Martin in May, they asked me to come on board longer term with the whole company, Leven Car Company. This was extended to a six month PR and content contract and I loved every minute. Another new client came on board, Hunter Chalets, who I was delighted to support while they established their new business. The day’s training was particularly enjoyable and I’m really proud of the cool blogs they’ve been putting out.

Media Training with Peterhead Port Authority

Leading the news agenda with Leven Car Company


The coolest client I landed this month is one I can’t talk about yet – but just wait! Working with them was so much fun and I am seriously excited about 2017. I also began working with Edinburgh Curling Club on their email marketing campaign and associated promotions as they launch their fundraising drive to refurbish the whole rink. The results from the newsletters are outstanding – open rates of over 60% thank you very much 😉 The only disappointment this quarter was not meeting Leo DiCaprio – despite attending the Scottish Business Awards… We still managed to have a fun night though!

Meeting Chris Evans with Elena Torres of ExecAir

Glow sticks and Champagne with Elaine McColl

My brother-in-law sent me a TED talk about time management, and one of the pieces of advice was to write your annual appraisal in advance. Imagine the 3-5 things you were most proud of in 2017 and make them your goals, so I’m going to take the four at the top and add a few more to make 2017 a cracking year.

Happy New Year to all of you – wishing you health, happiness and a lucrative 2017!

Doing my own PR – a nice piece about entrepreneurs in the Scotland on Sunday






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